Did you stumble upon my book cover, found it interesting enough to flip over to read the back cover, and were even curious to find my author photo and see the woman who would talk about her experience with incest? Were you surprised to see a gray-haired lady, obviously past middle-age? Did you ask: Why is she talking about this experience now? It doesn’t seem that something from sixty years ago would be relevant today. Isn’t she “over it” yet?

No, I have not forgotten the many inappropriate words and deeds I experienced with my dad, for YEARS. No, I have told only a handful of people over six decades about my experiences. No, I have not gotten over it. I have chosen to move forward in life with my memories through forgiveness, counseling, and Christian faith. And now, telling the entire freaking world about my shame-filled, painful past. That took guts. But the “why” is for you, the reader.

Incest is an ugly, demeaning, confusing form of abuse. When it happens to young children, they cannot give permission. They have no power to fight back, physically, or emotionally. The abuse is buried in the body and mind. It is hard work to find it again, face it, and heal it. It all starts with honesty, followed by courage, maintained with determination, accomplished in joy. I have experienced it. I want you too as well.

You know how common sexual assault has become in our world. Human life has little value. People behave selfishly and get what they want whenever they want it. They don’t ask permission. I could not read another news headline of a raped five-year-old, caged migrants, mutilated prostitutes, or fondled schoolboys without speaking out. It cost me a lot to write it all down. But you are worth it. If you relate to anything I’ve been through and decide to begin your journey from victim to victor, it was all worth it. Why not start now? Go to the Book tab to get and read my story.